Prosperity Intention Ball

Prosperity Intention Ball
Brand: Etsy - GracefulHealing2
Color: Clear
12.48 GBP
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Prosperity Jar. The Intention has been set & blessed. It is filled with herbs, crystals & spices to speed money to you & to also protect so that it comes without harming anyone. The jar can be put wherever you desire. It works best where you meditate or plan your goals & do your finances. If you hold it everyday & envision the whole experience of having an abundance of money to pay your bills & have more than enough left over to save for your future, go on vacations or whatever your dreams maybe. See it, feel it pray about it, believe in what your intentions are set to do. You can make the magic happen. When you hold the bottle, take 3 deep breaths & see your wallet with money, thank the universe for what is coming. Shake your bottle 3 times periodically to wake up the herbs. Bless you on your journey to acquire an abundance of prosperity. Prosperity Intention Ball