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What You Will Discover At WineBar

Welcome to our new site, WineBar. Here is the place to discover all that is new and exciting in the growing world of wine bars. What makes them unique, what wines they have available and if they are eateries and shops attached to them. We plan to look locally using our Winebar Dublin reviewers. Further afield we have our Winebar Stockholm reviews that will check out what is happening with the wine bars of our European neighbours, like in Stockholm, or head over the border see what the wine bars in Belfast have to offer.

WineBar is a review site with a difference. We not only keep you updated on the trendiest, newest wine bars in Ireland, like the Allta wine bar. But also what’s happening with old favourites like Green Man Wines Dublin or Martines Restaurant & Wine Bar Galway, as well as the current trends abroad.

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How WineBar Reviews The Best Wine Bars

Our reviewers have several things they consider when reviewing a wine bar, and before giving them our thumbs up with a 1 – 5 🍷 rating.

How Good The Wine List Is

First off the wine list should never be boring, it should challenge the drinkers as well as allowing access to long-time favourites. The menu should represent the country’s wine and introduce wines from around the world. You cannot just throw any wines together and think your wine bar will be successful. A wine menu needs careful curation to suit the customers, so a wine menu in wine bars New York will be different from wine bars in Stockholm or Dublin. Our Winebar reviewers want to see familiar labels as well as vintage wines and new discoveries.

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Wine Tasting Experiences

For a wine bar to be successful, its customers need to know something about what they are drinking and paying for. Holding frequent wine tasting events that highlight the wines you have on your wine menu is the way to go—especially if you can get a wine-maker to the event. Having him share his enthusiasm and knowledge for his wines is a big bonus for your wine bar and your customers.


The Atmosphere

A welcoming atmosphere is the main thing; somewhere people feel comfortable and relaxed. The styles can change, the decor can move from warm wood to cool Nordic styles, but the ethos of a wine bar is to provide a wine bar where one person, a couple or a group can enjoy time enjoying their wine. Passionate staff, including at least one if not two sommeliers are essential to creating the right atmosphere.


The Wine Glasses

No, not any old glass will do for every wine. At WineBar we look for wine glasses that enhance the drinking experience. Do not stint on this critically important element. Every wine has its own flavour point, the tastebuds that they hit when sipped from the correct glass are a testament to that. The right shape of the glass directs where the wine hits for the best experience. Making sure your glasses enhance the drinking is another contribution to making wine bars In New York, Stockholm, Dublin and around the world the best they can be.

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