Handmade Champagne Bucket & Set Of Drinking Glasses

Handmade Champagne Bucket & Set Of Drinking Glasses
Brand: Etsy - NorthernWillowLtd
Color: Brown
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This basket will bring life to any garden party whether small or large. Crafted from willow with an antique wash finish, this basket will add a combination of style & sophistication to your event. The product has a built-in zipped chilled compartment making sure drinks are kept cold even on the hottest days & the integral handles allow the basket to be easily transported. Each product sold includes 12 champagne glasses which can all be stored into their own individual compartments which surround the basket. - Full antique wash finish willow - Zipped chilled compartment ensures drinks are kept cold - Every basket includes 12 champagne glasses - 12 compartments surround the basket where each glass can be stored - Handles for easy transportation DIMENSIONS (L x W x H) Please allow for a 5% variance due to the fact that these items are handmade from natural materials. If you have any questions, please ask. 460 dia x 210mm; (320mm to top of chiller) (520mm with handle) IMPORTANT INFORMATION All items sold by Northern Willow are handmade & finished using all natural materials. This age old process makes the baskets as unique, sustainable & timeless as they are. However, as a result there may be slight differences in colour, shape & size. Although every care is taken to check the overall quality of the product before sending there may also be small defects or imperfections. Please bear this in mind when purchasing, whilst also taking time to review our many 5 star reviews. ABOUT NORTHERN WILLOW Northern Willow is a small family business trading all manner of unique handmade wicker & woven wood products. All of our baskets are handmade from fast growing wicker, offering a truly sustainable & practical home storage solution. All of our products are sourced from trusted suppliers who ensure that the highest standards of working conditions are adhered to in production. RETURNS POLICY Northern Willow is a small business, started out of a passion for sustainable handmade wicker items. We take customer service extremely seriously & will always go above & beyond to deliver an amazing experience. If you have any problems, just message us & we will do what we can to help. We accept returns & refunds of all kinds, as long as the item is in its original state. Unfortunately we cannot accept responsibility for return postage & cannot refund the postage part of many orders unless there is a clear error on our part. We do our best to be fair to all customers, & even subsidise the cost of postage already on many items to keep this manageable for you. Please respect that we are a small business, family run, with a passion for delivering unique handmade products. A clear error includes items that are severely damaged beyond small imperfections, including items that are broken or damaged in shipping. This does not include items that are of incorrect dimensions within the 5% advised discrepancy. Handmade Champagne Bucket & Set Of Drinking Glasses