Cosmic Forces | Color Changing

Cosmic Forces | Color Changing
Brand: Etsy - ThatSaltyWitch
Color: Grey
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THESE ARE STIM TOYS/DECOR ONLY, NOTHING MORE & NOTHING LESS! One of my many themed potion bottles, each one handmade by me! This particular potion was made with the concept of the stars above us in mind, which can be seen swirling in the galaxy’s nebula inside the bottle when shaken. Each bottle of my galaxy snowglobes is sealed with wax & mod podge at the top to prevent any possible spillage. Perfect for a soothing visual stimulation! Changes color from bluish purple to a metallic lilac when shaken! in accordance with Etsy policy, I make no claims that my products have supernatural powers, they are only curio items. Cosmic Forces | Color Changing