Large Feminist Iron On Patch For Personalising Tshirts Or Banners Human Rights Gender Patriarchy Protest Fashion

Large Feminist Iron On Patch For Personalising Tshirts Or Banners Human Rights Gender Patriarchy Protest Fashion
Brand: Etsy - PaisleyHoneyCo
Color: Black
Size: S
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Easy to use to give you a treat unique item of clothing. Works with a simple domestic iron. Time, temperature & pressure are all extremely important factors when applying patch, so do check all of these factors are correct for each vinyl you use. Time - If your pressing time is too long or too short it will cause HTV to peel away from your garment. If all the conditions required are correctly met, you would only need to press once, extra repressing for a 2nd / 3rd time & or from Front & Back should NOT be required & doing this will cause issues with your HTV adhering & causing it to fail. Temperature - There is no temperature setting that suits all vinyl. to ensure you are pressing at the recommended temperature for the vinyl you are using. If you are using a domestic iron - most settings will be around the cotton setting (not quite the highest setting depending upon your iron) & have your steam function turned off. Do not press onto Granite or stone surfaces as these will absorb the heat from your iron. Pressure - This issue is encountered more when using an iron. The pressure is only regulated by how much pressure you manually apply using the above items during the application process. You need to be pushing down super hard, on a firm flat surface, with both hands & combined with the top half of your body weight, to imitate the same pressure that would be achieved with a regular heavy duty heat press. Your hands are likely to shake from the pressure needed. Do not use an ironing board if pressing with an iron, this is just not a firm/strong enough surface to be able to apply the pressure & may result in the ironing board collapsing (this demonstrates the pressure you should be applying). If you are on a table for instance, the pressure being applied will be like you are trying to push your iron through the table itself & come out the other side!). Good surfaces to use will be a solid table, kitchen worktop or a hard floor. Untitled (Your Body is a Battleground) is an iconic 1989 silkscreen portrait made by artist, feminist & activist. The poster was designed for use on a pro-choice march on April 9th, 1989, in DC but is now widly adoped across the Feminist movement on a range of issues. We have become a lot more conscious of our impact on our local & global environment in recent years. We’ve often chosen to make do & mend rather than replacing older items of clothing or bags. This has given us a great opportunity to get creative! Patching things up with some beautiful embroidery or giving an older T-shirt a new lease on life with a colourful decorative patch. Our home in Renfrewshire is called Ben Seillean. Ben Seillean means hill of the bees in Scots Gaelic. We love bees & are investing in making the perfect garden to nurture our bees through the year. Heather, lavender, wild flower meadows & beautiful bulbs keep the garden in bloom from early spring to late autumn. We love bees Large Feminist Iron On Patch For Personalising Tshirts Or