415ml Highball Glass

415ml Highball Glass
Brand: LAV
Size: 12.2 H x 8.6 W cm
9.99 GBP
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The range of highball cocktail glasses serves as a representation of the company’s ongoing commitment to bring contemporary design and innovative styling to your drinking glassware. Just as jazz legend Miles Davis once theorised that the greatness in his musical genre lies in the notes you don’t play, so too can the absence of design represent the great design in itself. Less is more, as they say. With a simple, sleek silhouette, these glasses serve as the perfect base vessel, able to sit effortlessly within a variety of decor styles and allow the contents contained within them to truly take centre stage. The 415ml capacity makes these tumblers a perfect vessel for serving luxurious highball cocktails, as well as bottled beers, soft drinks and juices. Whether shopping for business or pleasure, when it comes to products that effortlessly straddle the gap between fashion and function, the collection of drinking tumbler glasses is sure to fill your home. Shop the range today. Set Size: 6