3 Piece Glass Irresistible Rect Roaster Set

3 Piece Glass Irresistible Rect Roaster Set
Brand: Pyrex
Size: 15.0 H x 25.0 W cm
25.99 GBP
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Prep and cook up delicious dishes with this irresistible 3 piece roaster set, perfect for cooking and storing food. Features side handles to help you transfer the dish from the oven to the table with ease, deep sides to prevent spills in the oven whilst cooking. The clear glass allows you to easily monitor your cooking progress. Made with borosilicate glass its supports extreme temperatures. Suitable for microwave and oven, and can also be used to store directly in the fridge or freezer from -40 ° C to + 300 ° C. Thermal shock resistant up to 220 ° C - BPA free, hygienic material that doesn’t retain stains or odours.