18Thc Style Hand Made Engraved Wineglass Used in Outlander

18Thc Style Hand Made Engraved Wineglass Used in Outlander
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Classic shaped wineglass enhanced by copper wheel engraved foliate design. Approx. 15 cl. 5 US fl.oz The glass is a replica of the period as it is an exact copy of the 18th glass from Henrikstorp glassworks, Sweden, 18th century. Henrikstorp glassworks (1693 & 1762) had their golden ages during the 18th C in Southern Sweden. Engraved Wineglass used in Hit Series Outlander. in 2013, we were first contacted by the production company for the television series Outlander. This was one of the glasses selected for the production. Outlander | Season 2, Episode 2: Not in Scotland Anymore | Faon de Venise Glasses Mark me… this scene is historically accurate. As the Bonnie Prince & Jamie talk Rebellion, you may have caught glimpses of the beautifully engraved ‘Faon de Venise’ glasses. Clearly, we are not in Scotland any more, a delicate glass in both style & material, very much suiting the refined nature & origins of the Prince. The glass is crafted using traditional methods that have been handed down from one generation to the next in Bohemia (Czech Republic) since the 14th century. Of course, this means that it is hand blown on furnaces demanding great skill. The presence of tiny bubbles in this glass make it unique & characteristic. Please note that these are handmade for you, not only does this mean every item is slightly different, it also requires patience. We have a few styles in stock, but most are made as you order. For cold drinks only. 18Thc Style Hand Made Engraved Wineglass Used in Outlander