Vintage Tall Drafting Bar Counter Industrial Custom Stool

Vintage Tall Drafting Bar Counter Industrial Custom Stool
Brand: Etsy - BrooksvaleArtisans
Color: Black
260.1 GBP
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This wood & steel stool was custom made for a machine operator in a stamping factory. The seat height is a tall 37. There is adjustment up if you needed it. Wooden seat spins & back rest is adjustable. A truly unique stool. We cleaned it up a but for your use. The 50 years of dirt, grime & oil on it was really deep. Alan’s Shipping Cost Rant: SHIPPING IS NOT FREE This item will ship via UPS. Etsy does not have a calculator for this service in the checkout. Please inquire with your zip code for a shipping cost before placing your order. We can then add the correct amount for the service you request. Why Etsy does not offer a parcel service like UPS, FedEx or DHL like every other online marketplace? Please ask the suits at Etsy. This drives me & our customers nut’s. An company that is large enough to get selected for the S&P 500 should be able to code in a parcel service API. We love the Post Office, but the rates for a lot of our items are 50-250% higher that what a parcel service can provide. Since Etsy only provides for USPS in the check out, this leads to shipping higher then necessary shipping cost. I am sure a lot of our customers do not complete a purchases when the USPS rates are computed in the checkout. We do not inflate our prices to have free shipping. It is a big world out there & shipping this item to CA does cost more than shipping to NY. We do not add a fixed inflated shipping charge to cover the cost. We will seek out the best shipping option for you needs. If you need next day air to Paris or ground service to Chicago you will pay for what you need. Vintage Tall Drafting Bar Counter Industrial Custom Stool