University Of Colorado Wine Charms - Set 6

University Of Colorado Wine Charms - Set 6
Brand: Etsy - DrinkstoDesign
Color: Grey
14.57 GBP
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The perfect accessory for a Colorado Buffalo fan! Are you having friends over to watch the game? It’s a given to serve beer & wine. But whose glass is whose?! Have no fear, because these unique University of Colorado wine charms will assign everyone with their own unique symbol. These wine charms are anything but ordinary! Made with sliced, upcycled wine cork, Colorado icons & recycled glass beads, this wine charm set is the perfect addition to your next event. These wine charms will add personality to your party or be the perfect gift for a friend. They will also be a great conversation starter! This set comes with six wine charms, each with its own unique design. If you are interested in another sport team, please send me a message & I can check to see if I can make the set of your choice. University Of Colorado Wine Charms - Set 6