Trapiche Emerald Drop Earrings

Trapiche Emerald Drop Earrings
Brand: Etsy - PeatrossJewelry
Color: Green
Size: custom
823.65 GBP
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I felt so fortunate to acquire not just 1 pair, but 2 pairs of VERY RARE trapiche emeralds! in addition, added to the middle of each earring are beautiful color Swat Valley emeralds. Trapiche stones form when carbon entered the emerald in the formation stages creating a hexagonal crystal structure. These emeralds are very rare & are coveted by collectors & jewelry connoisseur alike. These are a gorgeous example of trapiche emeralds with 6 clearly defined carbon spokes. Even the teeny tiny emeralds that finish off the the bottom of each earring are very representative of these visible spokes. The post dangle earrings are light & comfortable. The Swat Valley emeralds reflect light & shine with each shake of the head. The larger emeralds measure approx 5mm. The smaller emeralds measure approx 3mm. The total drop of the earrings measure approx 1 1/2. I design & hand fabricate all jewelry in my studio. Trapiche Emerald Drop Earrings