Thank You Bridesmaid Box Labels - Mini Champagne Bottle Labels, Gift, Gift Box

Thank You Bridesmaid Box Labels - Mini Champagne Bottle Labels, Gift, Gift Box
Brand: Etsy - LabelsWithHeart
Color: White
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Adhesive Labels - BOTTLES NOT INCLUDED AT A GLANCE 1. LABELS ONLY to fit standard miniature champagne bottle (20 cl): 5cm tall x 5cm wide on adhesive vinyl. 2. Waterproof - won’t run in the fridge or ice bucket. 3. Can be peeled off & re-positioned. 4. Posted within 1-2 business days (first class post UK). FAQs HOW BIG IS THE LABEL & WHAT’S IT MADE OF? Each label is approximately 5 cm TALL x 5 cm WIDE & printed on adhesive vinyl. The vinyl label is waterproof, which gives you the option of fridge storage without fear of the print running. WHAT’S INCLUDED in THE PRICE? Your label(s), digitally cut to size & sent in an envelope (minimal packaging - see our shop’s environmental pledge). Sadly, a bottle of wine is NOT included but we would LOVE you to send us a pic of the labelled bottles! HOW DO I REMOVE THE EXISTING LABEL & ADD MY PERSONALIZED ONE? The easiest way to remove your existing wine label is to leave the bottle to soak in soapy water for a few hours. The wet label should then peel off easily. If you want to remove the residual glue, the rough side of a kitchen sponge & some kitchen spray should do the trick. Then, dry off the bottle with kitchen roll. Next, peel off the back of your label & carefully stick it on. If you’re not happy with the position, you can gently peel it off & try again. WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO KNOW? We hope you can appreciate that, due to the customized nature of our labels, refunds are NOT available. We highly recommend you buy a 20 cl sample of the mini champagne brand you are planning to buy in bulk & then measure & cut out a 5 cm X 5 cm square. You can then check how it looks stuck to your sample bottle. Our miniature champagne labels fit the standard 20 cl bottles. However, please beware as there are some differently shaped exceptions out there - don’t order our labels until you have checked they are right for your brand! Also, colors may vary slightly between online viewing & the actual printed product. All monitors display color differently, & printers vary, so please take this into consideration when placing your order. However, the colors will NOT run when damp from fridge condensation. WHAT IF I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION? Message us - we’re here to help! SKUVS0743 Thank You Bridesmaid Box Labels - Mini Champagne Bottle Labels, Gift, Gift Box