Swim Bag, Wet Bathing Suit Swimsuit Bag

Swim Bag, Wet Bathing Suit Swimsuit Bag
Brand: Etsy - CountingtheBlessings
Color: Blue
Size: M
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Wet Bag with your choice of size & either top straps or side wrist strap. Perfect for storing a wet swimsuit or anything wet or yucky such as cloth diapers until you get home to wash them. Construction: 100% cotton outer PUL Lining: waterproof & sewn so that the inside can be wipeable. Lining seams are heat sealed zipper closure your choice of top straps (for hanging) or side strap for wrist carrying Choose your bag size from dopdown. HeightxWidth in inches. Care instructions: Machine wash cold & tumble dry medium. Iron cotton outer only. (The iron will melt the lining if it touches it!) A wet bag is great for anyone. It has many uses. It is a a bag that is lined with a waterproof fabric & sealed at the seams. Use it to hold anything wet or yucky. The waterproof lining is wipeable & the bag is completely washable. Great for cloth diapers! Store used diapers inside. Keep on in your diaper bag when on the go. Use it in your kitchen. Use the strap to hang it from the oven handle or a cabinet knob. Store all your kitchen napkins, dish towels, unpaper towels, baby bibs & whatever else you use in the kitchen until you are ready to wash the load. Choose the option to have two straps on top to hang from an oven handle. Use it for wet swimsuits Keep one handy to put changes of clothes inside for small children who are potty training in case of an accident. Then you can just put the wet clothes inside. Keep it in the car as an trash bag. Put the yucky stuff inside till it’s ready to dump into a garbage can Store one in your laundry room or bathroom as a small laundry bag for smaller items such as hand towels that you may want to wash in a separate load. Carry baby or toddler dishes, spoons, forks, baby food jars when dining out. Put them back inside & wash them when you return home. You might can think of many more!! TIP: When ready to wash…just turn back upside down over washing machine holding only the cotton outer layer. Shake bag until all the contents fall out into the machine & the lining falls outside the bag. This will give it keep your hands clean & the lining will also get washed better! Feel free to contact me with any questions Swim Bag, Wet Bathing Suit Swimsuit Bag