Pot Leaf Shaker Rubber Mold Opaque Made in America

Pot Leaf Shaker Rubber Mold Opaque Made in America
Brand: Etsy - Katsresinsupplies
Color: Grey
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NOW OPAQUE ONLY! DO NOT TRY TO USE UV RESIN WITH THESE MOLDS This listing is for the MOLD ONLY!! This does not include the example resin shaker shown! This also doesn’t include the clear transparent film I used to create the example resin shaker. For videos on how to make resin shakers, please check out YouTube! There are a ton! All of my molds are completely original! Meaning all are designs I created digitally (3D sculpted) & then 3D printed. Then, they are cast to make molds. This means you can sell the resin products you make with these, but PLEASE DO NOT resell my molds & do not make molds from products created from my molds!! I own the copyright completely! That also means everything is made in & shipped from the US! I make the molds as I get orders for them! I like to make my resin shakers into magnets & home decor, but a lot of people make resin shakers into charms & key chains. Material: Silicone rubber Size: will make a leaf shaker that is 5.5cm tall I no longer offer clear molds Difference between clear silicone & opaque silicone (as shone): Clear silicone: can be used with both UV resin & two part epoxy resin; is more flexible than the opaque resin; pricier because of high demand Opaque silicone (as shone): can be used with two part epoxy resin ONLY; is tougher than transparent silicone; releases resin easier Although not required, I recommend the use of mold release. Mold release will make your molds last longer & not tear! If you have any issues or concerns with your molds, please reach out to me before posting a bad review! I’m not sure if it’s food safe so you don’t use this for food. Resin only! Opaque mold color may vary! Pot Leaf Shaker Rubber Mold Opaque Made in America