New - English Gardens A Handwoven Lambswool Throw in Falun Red & Deep Pine Green

New - English Gardens A Handwoven Lambswool Throw in Falun Red & Deep Pine Green
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English Gardens is one of two new designs I have woven in homage to the mid-century Swedish rug designers & weavers. The design was originally woven for exhibition at a weaving festival in Denmark. English Gardens or Engelska Trdgrdar is woven in shades of sea & pine green & falun red & is inspired by old formal English gardens with there formal layouts & red brick paths. It is the sister to English Robins which is inspired by Irma Kronlund’s designs & in particular one called Rdhake - which means European Robin in Swedish. My own design represents the English Robins or Engelsk Rdhake that share the garden outside my studio. It is woven in a deep falun (or Swedish) red & pine green. Behind the story of these two throws lies another which is to do with my own love of Scandinavia. As I wove these throws I also wove a story of how they were discovered in an old wooden cabin, painted with the traditional Falun Red paint of Sweden & surrounded by dark green pine trees. My imaginary cabin sat beside a soft green lake & sparkled in the low evening sun, as the finely ground minerals in the paint reflect the setting sun. in my mind I visited this cabin each day as I sat at my loom, the old wood floor dark & polished with age, the spartan hand built furniture, the tapestries, cushions, & bedding of aged linens & wool, each woven in the striking & complex designs of this country. They each echoed the colours in my throws & I found myself echoing their rustic charm by finishing each one with a rustic fringe worthy of any antique textile. Here was a simple & ancient homestead complete with ancient brass oil lamps for reading & patterned jugs for dispensing water. A fine layer of dust had settled over all & a quietness that was only broken by the soft hooting of an owl. I found three books near the fire, each by the Swedish author Selma Lagerlf. The two volumes that form The Adventures of Nils Holgerson which I read many times to my children when they were small, & Gsta Berlings saga which I came to much later in my life. I wanted to stay here forever & live among the geese & red squirrels of the lake & woods. & as I looked for something to keep me warm while I sat breathing the enchantment of this place, there they were… my two humble throws, the robin & the garden… soft & warm & inviting. I could linger forever in the fading twilight but of course I cannot stay. As with all my throws, English Robins is handwoven by me in pure lambswool which has spun & dyed in Scotland. Dimensions: approximately 200cm x 110 cm (78 x 43). Caring for your throw Although I have washed this throw as part of the process of making it, to avoid shrinkage it is best if you take this to the dry cleaners. However, to a certain extent wool is self cleaning so you may find all it needs is a good shake out & a little time spent outdoors on a breezy day to freshen it up New - English Gardens A Handwoven Lambswool Throw in Falun Red & Deep Pine Green