New 3D Ranunculus Silicone Mold Soap Silicone Resin Flower

New 3D Ranunculus Silicone Mold Soap Silicone Resin Flower
Brand: Etsy - FortunaCA
Color: Red
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3D Ranunculus silicone mold. Great for Soap & Epoxy Resin Projects. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU ORDER! All of our sales are Final. We do not exchange, take cancellations, returns, & refund. All of Our molds have been tested with soap to insure the best quality. Please notice when using other materials such as resin, use spray release. When using for soap making use 91% alcohol. Please have previous experience when using our molds. When purchasing Our flower molds I don’t recommend using them with delicate materials such as soy wax or paragon wax, the petals would break. All molds are handmade to order. Each silicone mold is processed with vacuum treatment to remove any air bubbles. Each 3D Mold would have at least 1-3 cuts on the side for an easy extraction, so the product will have no breakage. Dimensions of Soap: Width: approx 3 Height: approx 2.5 Directions for soap making: 1. Spray silicone mold with alcohol (50 - 91%) 2. Fasten the mold with elastic bands 3. Pour soap base in the mold. 4. Gently shake the mold to get rid of air bubbles. 5. Store the mold in a cool shaded place until the soap completely hardens. 6. Remove the elastic bands & gently peal the edges of the mold from the soap. 7. Dry the soap for 12 hours in a dry place. All of our Molds Safe for dishwasher, microwave, oven, & freezer. Silicone is tolerant of both heat & cold, & can be used in the oven at temperatures up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. It can go directly from the oven to the freezer, is microwave safe, & easy to clean. New 3D Ranunculus Silicone Mold Soap Silicone Resin Flower