McManus Tipped Sheepskin Dark Brown Area Rug

McManus Tipped Sheepskin Dark Brown Area Rug
Brand: Union Rustic
Color: brown
Size: 65.0 W x 7.0 D cm
108.99 GBP
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Wolf dark tip mouflon sheepskin rug beautiful wolf-tipped mouflon sheepskin rugs are a rare breed of sheep and are full of deep rich tones of color. These would go in any room perfectly. Please note: they’re a natural product so they will vary minimally from one to another.Sheepskin is a beautiful addition to your home and can stay looking that way for years. If you start to notice that your sheepskin is beginning to look a little tired or scruffy it’s time to show it some love. Here are some tips and some things you should be aware of to get the best out of your sheepskin.The easiest way to protect your rug is to keep it away from the elements. Protecting it from direct sunlight and keeping it as dry as possible will be your best friend when caring for a sheepskin.Keeping it freshFor general maintenance try to get into the habit of giving your rug a good shake and brush every so often. Taking it outside for a hard shake will dislodge any dust and dirt that has built up in the fibers. After a while, you may notice that your rug is looking a little less lush and fluffy than it once did because it has become matted over time. Solving this is simple, give the rug an occasional brush and the fur should stay in good condition. A specialty hide brush is the best thing for us for this, they are reasonably cheap and a must-have investment if you want to make the most of any sheepskin product.Spot cleaningAccidents will always happen and the best thing you can do is be prepared. If something is spilled on your rug, having the right products around means that you’ll be able to strike quickly before a stain has the chance to set in. Immediately after a spill, blot the area with a clean dry cloth. If this doesn’t work take a damp cloth with some sheepskin detergent and gently scrub the area in the direction of the fur. This method should remove most minor stains.Being prepared here really is the most important thing. A specialist sheepskin detergent is the only product that will remove a stain while still protecting your rug. They will be gentle so as not to do any damage and may contain ingredients such as lanolin (a fat naturally found in wool) that will restore the natural softness of your rug.If you do need to completely wash your sheepskin, the safest way is to hand wash it. Use warm, not hot, water and your sheepskin detergent to gently massage the rug and remove dirt. It is best to avoid this though and stick to spot cleaning where possible.