Marvelous Room & Linen Spray| Long Lasting Scent

Marvelous Room & Linen Spray| Long Lasting Scent
Brand: Etsy - DojoCandles
Color: Grey
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When I first smelled this sweet, wonderful, fruity, Blackberry fragrance I was mesmerized by its’ beauty. A concoction of notes blended beautifully to highlight each one individually. I knew immediately I would be adding it to my line but after weeks I still couldn’t think of a name. I went through over ten names, locations of course, but none of those names truly illustrated the beauty of the fragrance because I’ve never been anywhere with that smell. in frustration I closed my eyes, smelled the candle, & said, It’s just MARVELOUS. & the name was born. Notes: Saffron, Black Currant, Blackberry, Anise, Patchouli, Amber Our Room & Linen spray can be used as an Air Freshener & as an Deodorizer/ Odor Eliminator. Directions: Shake well! Spray directly into the air or to deodorize, spray directly on your couch, curtains, throw pillows, sheets, etc. LEGAL NOTE: Use of branded named is for comparison purposes only & in no way is Dojo Candles affiliated with them or any of their subsidiaries. Marvelous Room & Linen Spray| Long Lasting Scent