Longchamp By Cristal D'arques Durand French Crystal Cocktail Glasses

Longchamp By Cristal D'arques Durand French Crystal Cocktail Glasses
Brand: Etsy - MacLaRoux
Color: Clear
12.48 GBP
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Longchamp Cristal d’Arques Durand, Circa 1978 French Crystal Stemware & Cocktail Glasses: A. 7 1/4 Water Goblet $14.00/each B. 8 1/8 Fluted Champagne Glass $16.00/each C. 6 1/2 Wine Goblet $12.00/each D. 5 1/4 Brandy Snifter $25.00/each E. 3 1/2 Old Fashioned Cocktail/Rocks Glass $20.00/each F. 5 1/2 Coupe Champagne Glass $25.00/each NOTE: Prices INCLUDE SHIPPING! Don’t get ripped off by sellers charging you outrageous shipping costs. Those of us who offer Free Shipping do so for two reasons - First, who doesn’t like the cost of shipping included? Second, Etsy presses us sellers hard (like really hard) to compete with Amazon. They want us to include videos in every listing, ship quickly, & offer Free Shipping. (They then provide us sellers a tool by which we can mark up all our items to cover the cost of Free Shipping, which is quite sneaky. Shhh….told tell them I told you.) To tempt us to follow these suggestions, Etsy promises us better search results which, given the number of items without Free Shipping that show up in any Etsy search, leads me to believe that may not be true. I digress, support sellers who support Etsy. Don’t get ripped off & buy from sellers who include shipping! Longchamp By Cristal D’arques Durand French Crystal Cocktail Glasses