Large Fridge Storage Box grey

Large Fridge Storage Box grey
Brand: Marks & Spencer
Color: Light Grey
20 EUR
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There’s nothing worse than soggy salads, so keep your veggies fresh for longer with this handy fridge storage box. It’s cleverly designed to store the food of your choice safely in the fridge, keeping it fresh with a removable drainer and valve. Our multifunctional food storage container is dishwasher safe, and also includes an insert to separate food items along with adjustable air vents to keep air circulating throughout. Tidy up your refrigerator with this attractive clear storage solution.;;Dimensions#Height:14.5 cm;Width:18.2 cm;Depth:28.3 cm;Length:28.3 cm;Volume/Capacity:4200 ml;;Item details#Multifunctional storage containernAdjustable air vents to maintain airflow;Makes refrigerators odourless, clean and organizednMade of high quality BPA-free acrylic resin;Removable insert, drainer and drainage valve;;Care and composition#Plastic;Dishwasher safe