Kentwood 473ml Polycarbonate Cocktail Shaker

Kentwood 473ml Polycarbonate Cocktail Shaker
Brand: Symple Stuff
Size: 22.23 H x 8.57 W x 8.57 D cm
14.48 GBP
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Shake a single cocktail with ease in this shaker. Perfect for the mixologist wishing to concentrate on each individual drinker. Featuring a transparent body, this aesthetically pleasing shaker allows the mixologist to give full attention to each drink with artisanal quality. The 3 piece cobbler design includes a built-in strainer making this shaker a great choice for beginners. Thanks to its polycarbonate construction, this shaker perfectly captures the look of glass, while being highly impact-resistant, reducing the risk of replacement costs due to breakage. An economical and practical option for restaurants, bars, and catered events, especially when outdoor use is a key factor. Its material has a high impact-resistance enabling it to undergo large deformations without cracking or breaking. This makes it an ideal choice for a large number of catering applications. Polycarbonate holds up extremely well to high temperatures and some grades are optically transparent with better light transmission than many kinds of glass. Those wishing to capitalise on these collective safety features should certainly consider choosing polycarbonate as an alternative to glass.