Jewelry Tassels | Pink Earring - 5 Pieces

Jewelry Tassels | Pink Earring - 5 Pieces
Brand: Etsy - TheFeltPod
Color: Pink
7.8 GBP
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Quantity: 5 Pieces Size: 2 cm (Approximately .85 Length X .75 Diameter, loop length of .35, _/-0.2 cm) 4 cm (Approximately 1.75 Length X 1.25 Diameter, loop length of .5, +/-0.5 cm) Special note on Hibiscus: For this current lot, most of the 4 cm is 2 toned when close up & the 2 cm is a solid one tone. If you need the 4 cm & 2 cm to match, please message us before purchasing to see if we can accommodate. This is our most gorgeous tassel yet! Each tassel is super full with a large knob head. The tassels are super dense & meticulously handmade made to perfection. You can smooth it down for a nice silky look or give it a shake to fluff them up & make them super fun. Each tassel comes with a little loop in a coordinating color so you can easily hook the tassels to make earrings, key chains, & even garlands! Choose the large 4 cm tassel you want to make a statement piece or choose the 2 cm tassels if you want something dainty & chic. To view our entire collection of jewelry tassel colors, go to: Material - Cotton blend Handmade - no two tassel will look the same. Trim straggling threads at bottom if desired. Smooth tassel strands down for a clean look. Give tassels a good shake if you want a fluffy & fun look. If it is tangled, a good shake will get it straightened out. 56 colors to choose from! This is NOT a toy. Not for children under 3 as it contains small parts & is a choking hazard. Jewelry Tassels | Pink Earring - 5 Pieces