Irizarry 18 Bottle Wine Bottle Rack

Irizarry 18 Bottle Wine Bottle Rack
Brand: Belfry Kitchen
Color: white
Size: 34.0 H x 25.0 W x 86.0 D cm
43.99 GBP
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If you want to keep wine over a long period of time, it should always be in contact with the cork, and thus needs to be placed on its side. Otherwise, the cork will be exposed to more oxygen, shrinking it over time and letting more oxygen deep inside the bottle, which will slowly turn the wine into vinegar. The freestanding wine rack features a slightly slanted design so the corks are fully moisturized to prevent air permeation, and the wine is airtight. Cherish your wine collection with the style wooden rack to keep all the bottles gorgeously displayed and your wine always fresh. Colour: White