Fleece Hammock

Fleece Hammock
Brand: Etsy - Chillaburg
Color: White
10.92 GBP
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Anti-pill fleece hammocks in multiple patterns. Each measures approximately 12x12. Hammocks are patterned on one side with a complimentary solid color on the other. You can reverse which side is facing up. Includes hooks for hanging. (Bean approves of these hammocks They are his favorite!) INSTRUCTIONS FOR FLEECE Care instructions: Shake dirt/waste into trash. Wash in cold water using non-scented detergent or vinegar. Dry on low heat or air dry. NOTE: Most chins do not like to chew fleece. Inspect fleece often for signs of chewing. If your chin is a fleece chewer, please remove from the cage for their safety & your peace of mind. Fleece Hammock