Custom - Final Fantasy Vi Dialog Box

Custom - Final Fantasy Vi Dialog Box
Brand: Etsy - Pixelaser
Color: Blue
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In this dialog box from the classic SNES RPG Final Fantasy VI, you write the script! Add the text you want & I’ll lay it out on your own custom dialog box! One part typography & two parts nostalgia, this dialog box is available as a magnet for your fridge, a pin for your shirt or backpack, or with a blank back so you can apply your own adhesive solution. DESIGN: The Final Fantasy VI dialog box design has been carefully recreated with an accurate square pixel aspect ratio, an appropriately-rounded border, & typography hand-traced from the game’s bitmap font. Special attention has been paid to line breaks & character spacing. MATERIALS: The design is laser-engraved & cut out of 1/16 thick microsurface plastic. Strips of magnet or pin backs are optionally affixed to the back surface. VARIATIONS: Select from three sizes: The 1 tall dialog box is 3.35 wide. The 2 tall dialog box is 6.65 wide. The 3 tall dialog box is 10 wide. Select from three backings: Strips of 3/4 magnet Safety pin clasp Blank PERSONALIZATION: Because this is a custom piece, you have to let me know when you order what you want on your dialog box. I’ll set the type & if your text has any trouble fitting, I’ll contact you on Etsy so we can figure it out together. Custom - Final Fantasy Vi Dialog Box