Cocolina Barstool

Cocolina Barstool
Brand: Etsy - PICCHIOS
Color: Brown
424.83 GBP
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The CocoLina Barstool is a new model designed by Martin Irazoqui. This stool combines comfort & elegance in to one piece. Designed with the intension of not obstructing the view behind the bar, the backrest will be at the same height of the countertop You will have the pleasant task of putting your own touch of quality when deciding between the wood, finish of the wood , the leather colors & the stitching you want for your environment. The wood we offer are: walnut, mahogany, cherry, hard maple, soft maple & white oak The finishes are: distressed,wax, lacquer & oil (Rubio Monocoat) The lacquer finish is the traditional furniture finish. It is more durable & resistant. It consists of sanding down the wood & applying two coats of industrial sealer & two coats of satin lacquer. I use Gemini Vinyl Sealer & lacquer. Wax finish has a more natural look & consists of sanding down the wood & applying a natural wax on it. Distressed consists of wearing down the wood & marking it in ways to make it look old, we also apply wax for protection A fourth option is an oil finish, I use Rubio Monocoat. It makes a beautiful flat finish & enhances the grain making them darker Follow us on Instagram picchios Cocolina Barstool