Coca Cola Diet Portable 4L Mini Fridge

Coca Cola Diet Portable 4L Mini Fridge
Brand: Koolatron Europe
Color: gray
Size: 10.0 H x 7.0 W x 25.4 D cm
38.99 GBP
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Just for the taste of it!This portable mini fridge features the famous Diet Coke® branding. With eye-catching artwork, a sleek grey finish, and a traditional chrome handle, this piece is a must-have for fans and collectors. Convenient and portable:This lightweight 4 L/4.2 quart compact mini fridge is the ideal personal cooler/warmer. Efficient, reliable thermoelectric cooling and warming technology with no CFCs make this the perfect desktop accessory for your home, office, or dorm room. It is AC and DC capable so you can plug it into any standard household outlet or use it in your car, boat, or RV. Compact and safe storage:This mini cooler/warmer with a removable shelf holds 6 standard 355 mL/12 oz cans. Keep your favorite drinks cold or safely store items such as yogurt, cheese, milk, and infant formula. Switch to warming mode to keep your lunch ready to eat or warm a baby bottle. Tips for Best Use:For the quickest cooling, pre-chill items before placing them in the mini-fridge. Provide at least 3 inches of clearance behind the fridge and ensure the fan is not blocked for the most effective operation. Minimize opening and closing and ensure the door is closed properly. The lowest possible temperature depends on the surrounding temperature. To avoid draining your vehicle’s battery when using 12V mode, only run the cooler/heater when the engine is on.