Cicada Tree Hopper 1 Inch Button Vintage Image

Cicada Tree Hopper 1 Inch Button Vintage Image
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This beautiful vintage pen & ink image of a Cicadae Tree Hopper comes from The Picture Natural History with about four hundred illustrations by Mary E.C. Boutell, edited with an introduction by her father the Rev Charles Boutell, M.A. Published in 1874. My copy of the book was quite foxed & falling apart with insect damage throughout. Amazingly most of the illustrations were still in good condition. Scanning & preserving these wonderful illustrations seemed a terrific way to keep them alive. The pictures are very detailed although it does not seem to come through in the photographs Any of these Boutell Animal & Critter images can be mixed & matched. If you would like a special group please convo me for price & shipping. I am happy to make any special listing you wish. This is 1 size As a BUTTON they are perfect for your hat, coat, messenger bag, purse, notebook cover, wherever a small statement or bit of art is needed. Spruce up your cloth recycling bags to make them your own! Use them to decorate packages or tuck into gifts. this button can also be made up as a MAGNET If you choose the MAGNET feature they would be great to jazz up a fridge, filing cabinet, locker or any other place, which needs a little brightening. Please excuse any glare from the camera. The buttons themselves are free from any glare spots. From the charming & sometimes erroneous descriptions of Mary Boutell: The Cicadae Tree Hopper: We must not confuse the Tree Hoppers or Tuneful Cicadae with our English Grass-hopper; they are different creatures. Tree Hoppers are found in the south of Europe & are remarkable for the curious way in which the females cut long cells in the branches destined to receive their eggs. Cicada Tree Hopper 1 Inch Button Vintage Image