Bottle Planter | Serving Dish Centerpiece

Bottle Planter | Serving Dish Centerpiece
Brand: Etsy - 2cherrypicked
Color: Green
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Hand-cut bottles that can be used as a planter or serving dish. I gather wine bottles from local business owners & I recycle & repurposes them into new things. This is one of my favorite items to make because there are so many ways you can use them. I take the wine bottle & cut the side out, this creates a nice pocket for soil or to display food in. I recommend with plants to use succulents or cacti. Add a small layer of pea gravel across the bottom before adding your soil. this will help with proper drainage. Use a soil blend specific to succulents & cacti, & only plant 1-3 big plants or 3-5 extra small plants. Monitor the root growth so you know when to repot your beautiful plants. These bottles also make great serving dishes for parties! I made to of these serving dishes for my Niece’s engagement party & she loved the way they looked on the table. These are great for the holidays or any event you may be hosting. Always be sure to wash with soap & water before placing food inside. Another use for this piece is to add water & float tea light candles. This makes an awesome center piece for weddings, events, & even the holidays. Bottles are from recycled materials so they are typically green, blue, & sometimes clear. If you would like a specific color then please utilize the personalization section. Plants, Soil, & Pea gravel can be purchased from our shop, please go to the Listing titled Planter Kit. These kits will contain everything you need to start your planter for $20. Bottle Planter | Serving Dish Centerpiece