Borosilicate 3 Container Food Storage Set

Borosilicate 3 Container Food Storage Set
Brand: Pyrex
Size: 23.0 W x 18.0 D cm
75.99 GBP
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This food storage container set is the perfect solution for hassle-free cooking, storing in the fridge and freezer, and reheating. All boxes have see-through lids, and transparent bodies, are BPA-free and are completely stackable, microwaveable, freezer, and dishwasher safe. Freeze them and when required they can go directly from freezer to oven or microwave and into the dishwasher afterward. So no time is wasted transferring food to a microwave or freezer container. Store different items of food, including leftovers, pre-ahead food, and fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. The air-tight lids lock in the freshness, flavours, and nutrition of products. Vegetables stay fresh for longer. The stain and odour-resistant borosilicate glass bodies will allow to safely store even highly pigmented food like tomato-based sauces, curry, beetroot, or berries. Stackable and nestable for compact storage.