Berlinger Haus 4 Pieces Aluminium Non Stick Cookware Set

Berlinger Haus 4 Pieces Aluminium Non Stick Cookware Set
Brand: Berlinger Haus
Color: gray,red
61.62 GBP
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Our stunning 3 layer marble coated set is the perfect cooking accessory needed to complete your kitchen. The high-quality Aluminum pans are suited for cooking at soaring temperatures to ensure that your delicious feasts are always sizzling. This 6 piece durable and resilient non-stick coated cookware set have soft-touch handles which makes it comfortable to securely grip for lifting and tossing. The enhanced turbo induction bottom is able to achieve high efficiency using less energy, therefore, these pots are much more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly than other cookware sets. The elegant set is not only an eye-catcher, it has many uses. The casserole dish can be used for your soups and roasts whilst the frying pan can be used to grill your meats and sauté your vegetables. Use the slotted turner to flip and stir your frying pan contents and serve your soups with the colour matching soup ladle. Once cooking has ended and cooled under 70°, place the plastic lid on either the casserole dish or frying pan and you will find that the pan and the lid together become perfect for preserving your foods overnight in the fridge or freezer, whilst making the set space-saving and also stackable.