Barnwell Wine Rack

Barnwell Wine Rack
Brand: Symple Stuff
Color: gray
Size: 4.0 H x 30.0 W x 10.0 D cm
53.99 GBP
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The wine bottle rack is easy to use, patented joining clips you can simply extend or connect RTA wine racks of various shapes and sizes, allowing you to gradually increase the amount of bottle storage capacity as your wine collection grows. To create your custom size wine rack, you simply position the different RTA wine bottle rack modules next to or on top of each other according to the space available and use the connecting kits to join them together. In this way, you have countless design possibilities to utilize your space in an optimum way. With a wide variety of wine rack modules for 9 up to 90 bottles, the RTA modular wine rack system with patented Extend-a-Rack joining clips will fit into any type of wine storage concept. From a custom wine rack placed in the corner of your kitchen or living area to a comprehensive wine cellar holding thousands of bottles.