Bardi Classic Beche 370ml Highball Glass

Bardi Classic Beche 370ml Highball Glass
Brand: LAV
Size: 15.0 H x 6.5 W cm
8.73 GBP
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This set of beer glasses makes it easy to add safety, practicality and durability to your glassware collection. It’s the perfect serving vessel for your craft beers, IPA and Ales, with a beautiful sleek shape specially tailored to transform every sip into a true tasting sensation. This 370ml sleek beer glass has style and sophistication to provide a bold elegant touch to any table it meets. A seamless straight edge glass that has no trouble getting the attention it deserves. The smooth lines and rolled rims make for a comfortable drinking experience. With a variety of uses whether it be a chilled refreshing beer, an ice-filled lemonade with a generous lemon wedge or a casual glass of tap water, this glass will fill your needs without worry. The reinforced base is designed to improve strength and resilience ensuring a long life or uses. It’s perfect for home or professional kitchens, restaurants, cafes or bars. Set Size: 6