Ayo 2 - Light LED Up & Downlight

Ayo 2 - Light LED Up & Downlight
Brand: Lucide
Color: black
Size: 9.0 H x 8.5 W x 9.0 D cm
189.99 GBP
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This is a delicate wall light with many possibilities. With its egg-shaped structure, the Ayo makes all your furniture shine. With its white colour, this wall light can be seamlessly camouflaged in your interior. The aluminium casing provides a timeless look. The Ayo lamp is sure to be the darling of the public, and not just in the living room. Even outside, it shines all year round. This wall light has strong armour against rain and wind. Bring the grill from the attic, the beers from the fridge and enjoy the Ayo with a delicious piece of meat. Colour: Black