Atelier 350ml Crystal White Wine Glass

Atelier 350ml Crystal White Wine Glass
Brand: Luigi Bormioli
Color: white
Size: 20.5 H cm
49.99 GBP
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The long stem on this white wine glass set helps keep your wine as cool as possible. Each glass is constructed from for increased durability and strength. Perfect for serving a crisp, cold glass of wine with dinner. The contemporary angled design offers an accurate way of finding the optimum fill level, this maximises the aroma diffusion of fine wine. The stem of the glass is pulled and strengthened with a patented anti-abrasion treatment that reinforces the surface of the stem with titanium, thus offering permanent protection against abrasion and diminishing substantially the fragility of the stem during daily usage. Made from crystal glass, it offers unbeatable transparency and brilliance for a professional finish as well as providing added resistance to mechanical shocks. A perfect glass for intensive daily use, or use in commercial settings such as bars and restaurants.