Arlington 66Cm Leather Stool - Matcha

Arlington 66Cm Leather Stool - Matcha
Brand: Borough Wharf
Color: brown
Size: 102.0 H x 53.5 W x 43.5 D cm
283.99 GBP
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These modern stacking are an alternate take on our original. The original chair features a frame, whereas this version has a contemporary, gunmetal appearance - ideal for a more industrial look. The chairs come in the forest, and, with elegant ribbed stitching to the seats and backs. When shopping for restaurant or bar furniture, it’s often difficult to find something that’s both practical and stylish. With these chairs, the luxury upholstery and gunmetal frames tick the box for style, and the fact that they can be easily stacked and stored makes them convenient for any commercial space. These chairs would also look fantastic in a home kitchen or dining room; choose one color or coordinate both together for a classy look. Our modern stacking chairs are manufactured here in these chairs are priced individually but can be purchased in any available quantity. Seat Colour: Taupe