Argon Tableware Corto 18 Piece Stemless Glassware Set

Argon Tableware Corto 18 Piece Stemless Glassware Set
Brand: Argon Tableware
Size: 12,360
21.99 GBP
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The corto collection of wine glasses from argon tableware brings a contemporary twist to traditional glassware, with a striking stemless design perfect for outdoor events and packed-out party venues. While vino traditionalists may scoff at the thought of a stemless glass, there are some scenarios where a tall, top-heavy design proves far more trouble than its worth. Picnics, for example - the eternal search for a plot of parkland level enough to prevent your pinot toppling over your tuna sandwiches! - or a house party where any surfaces are a) limited, b) small or c) above a carpet which is a very different colour to the contents of the glass! Our corto glasses serve as the solution to uneven terrain and unsteady elbows alike, thanks to a low centre of gravity that makes them far more resilient against nudges, knocks and tumbles. These classic stemware silhouettes provide your wine of choice with plenty of room to breathe, bringing the finer bouquets and flavours to the fore and transforming every sip into a tantalising tasting experience! Set Size: 12, Capacity: 360