Alshain Glass Showcase With 4 Shelves And Doors

Alshain Glass Showcase With 4 Shelves And Doors
Brand: Ivy Bronx
Color: brown
Size: 162.5 H x 43.0 W x 37.0 D cm
419.99 GBP
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The 4 sturdy and stylish designs can feature photos, books, action figures, wine, and whiskey. The glass doors are easy to open and close. Made of hard steel glass and wooden panels. Between the glass and the flank are cushions that increase safety and keep it practical for everyday use. You keep objects in this special glass cabinet. The glass doors prevent dusty access and protect your collection well large Action figures, bottles, toys, art, and decorations. Each showcase is equipped with fastening devices. We recommend protecting the glass walls from collapsing. Taking care of your safety and that of your family can be used as a showcase in the living room, as a wine cabinet in the kitchen, as a bookcase in a study, and as a handmade showcase shelf in a collection room. Colour: Natural