Almeta Crystal Stemmed Wine Glass

Almeta Crystal Stemmed Wine Glass
Brand: Marlow Home Co.
Size: 21.7 H x 9.2 W cm
44.99 GBP
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This stemmed wine glass is an impressive wine glass, with a fine, elegant style. It is designed for tastings of all types of young wines. Aggressive and elegant, it is a perfect mixture for a combination of tastes. The pointed bottom of the bowl with a deep, cutting line (resembling a shark’s tooth) makes it suitable for appreciating aged sparkling wines and champagne. Although not only for the tasting of still and sparkling wines, it can also be used for serving spirits, aperitifs or dessert wines. The glass features a deep and sharp picture, which has been designed to reveal the real colour of wine, while the cup enhances its mass. Plus, the waist of the low section of the cup allows the wine to develop in the upper section, taking oxygenation to top levels. The particularly acute angle of the cup, combined with the Xtreme glass paste, makes the stemware very resistant. Made of Xtreme crystalline automatic blown glass without lead, it is dishwasher safe. Capacity: 16.9oz