Almeta 790ml Crystal Red Wine Glass (Set of 6)

Almeta 790ml Crystal Red Wine Glass (Set of 6)
Brand: Marlow Home Co.
Color: red
Size: 24.5 H x 10.9 W cm
64.95 GBP
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This red wine glass has a perfectly slender design with a superbly tapered bowl which serves to fully accentuate the character of full-bodied, expressive wines, both young and mature, that require particular oxygenation. This red wine glass is manufactured using Xtreme; technology that is extraordinarily light, elegant, easy to handle and yet extremely durable. The collection is the result of joint collaboration. Mouth-blown, the original Etoile range was too expensive for general restaurant and home use so the Maitres Cuisiniers de France asking if they could take the perfect attributes of the Etoile glasses into a more mass-produced environment without compromising the design. The mission was certainly not easy especially given the extremely high demands and expectations of the French masters. Prototype after the prototype was developed, continuously fine-tuning the process until it was concluded with the hallmark result: aesthetics combined with functionality. A beautiful and reliable stem glass that is both durable yet light to hold has been created. The shape and features are ideal for wine tasting and, importantly, suitable for all types of wine.