Aizayah Lounge 55 LED Accu Outdoor Table

Aizayah Lounge 55 LED Accu Outdoor Table
Brand: Ivy Bronx
Color: brown
Size: 84.0 W x 84.0 D cm
1169.99 GBP
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The Lounge 55 LED Accu Outdoor table is ideal for placing in the lounge, garden or terrace. With a height of 55cm, it is perfectly designed to stand next to a chair or sofa for cocktail glasses, magazines and much more. Through indirect lighting, it creates a sophisticated atmosphere. The table is fitted with multicoloured LEDs, which can be controlled by an infrared remote control. It is lit by battery so can be used independently of the electricity. The table includes a glass panel. The futuristic shape and anodised aluminium foot create a table that is a light source and an eye-catcher.