Airina Countertop Ice Cube Making Machine

Airina Countertop Ice Cube Making Machine
Brand: Dakota Fields
Color: black
Size: 33.0 H x 23.0 W x 32.0 D cm
153.95 GBP
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This ice maker has a fast ice making capacity with 6 minutes of short ice making cycle, 15 kg of daily ice produce, a 1.5 L water tank, and a 0.5 kg ice storage basket. It produces round bullet-shaped ice cubes in 2 sizes. You can make crystal-clean, good-taste ice cubes through smart touch-control in a tempered glass panel. With ice-full and no-water reminders, it is safe to use this ice maker. Besides, it features a self-cleaning function, which auto-cleans the ice maker just by clicking the power button for 5 seconds. This ice maker is an ideal countertop ice maker for various applications, like cold drinks, keeping seafood fresh, or making smoothies. The premium cold insulation shell has 3 layers for basic storage capacity. Colour: Black