Aileen Bar Stool

Aileen Bar Stool
Brand: Zipcode Design
Color: gray
Size: 101.0 H x 467.0 W x 56.0 D cm
315.98 GBP
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A bar stool is a great contemporary addition to any seating arrangement and this stool’s wire design is available in a range of metallic colours that are both eye-catching and subtle. The tapered backrest divides into sections configured to give the wire design a leaf effect and the elongated. A-sled legs support a footrest. This highly contemporary bar chair achieves its minimal look thanks to the seat’s use of tough black metal wire. Its tapered backrest is divided into three sections, two of which are configured to give the wire design a leaf effect. The third lower section is composed of vertical wires that run through the length of the seat. It stands on elongated A-frame legs which support a wireframe footrest. Colour: Silver