A Still Life of Flowers - Bosschaert - National Gallery Cushion

A Still Life of Flowers - Bosschaert - National Gallery Cushion
Brand: National Gallery
Color: black
Size: 45.0 H x 45.0 W x 7.0 D cm
36.99 GBP
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On this Cimino Scatter Cushion artwork copper panel Bosschaert has painted with great delicacy and precision a bouquet of relatively common flowers - among them tulips, roses, wallflowers, daffodils and a carnation. It is also called as Still Life of Flowers. He has described them with the precision of a botanical illustrator and yet carefully balanced the composition in terms of form and colour. In order both to enliven the painting and display his own virtuosity he has added a butterfly, a caterpillar and a fly. The bouquet is placed in a wine glass or roemer (with its characteristic tear-shaped blobs of glass on the stem) which serves as a vase. Bosschaert would have been able to study the flowers in the gardens of botanists and collectors in Middelburg. Cimino Cushions are made with a super soft faux suede, machine washable and comes complete with the cushion pad. As with all the products they use archival inks to get the brightest, saturated finish possible these bring life and style to any room setting.