6 L VitAir Swing Air Fryer

6 L VitAir Swing Air Fryer
Brand: Klarstein
Color: white
Size: 38.5 H x 39.5 W x 42.5 D cm
119.27 GBP
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This air fryer makes low-fat cooking quick and easy. Now you’ll never have to do without great-tasting food again - even your chips will be crisp and crunchy. This air fryer deep-fries, bakes, grills, and roasts by circulating hot air with its 1400W of power. Self-explanatory and very easy to use, you simply select the relevant cooking process and press start. If you want to manually adjust the temperature or cooking time, simply enter it into the control panel. The temperature can be adjusted from 50 to 240°C, while the cooking time can be set up to 60 minutes, with one-minute intervals. A particularly unique feature of the Vitair air fryer is its rotation system and 360° cooking process. As it cooks, the bowl and its contents continuously rotate around its axis, ensuring the heat is evenly distributed. What’s even more sophisticated is how the whole fryer can tilt to the left or right. Together with the rotational system, the food gets repeatedly shaken around and crisply browned all over. Of course, safety has been taken into account too. As it cooks, the Cool Touch Housing keeps the Vitair air fryer’s exterior pleasantly cool at all times. And the best part is everything is healthy and low in calories, as it’s been cooked with hot air instead of oil. Various accessories are included, such as a handle for removing the cooking bowl, and a wire rack for baking and roasting. To prepare healthy, quick, and easy food, look no further than this air fryer. Colour: White/Grey