550ml Drinking Glass

550ml Drinking Glass
Brand: The DRH Collection
Color: blue
Size: 13.0 H x 9.0 W cm
27.65 GBP
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This exquisite range of glassware has a rich, dark blue, mirrored exterior with a gorgeous gold electroplated reflective interior which shines through when the light hits it, giving the impression of a sky full of stars. The design of this set will look beautiful on display in your kitchen, it’s full of cosmic charm with each glass mouth-blown to perfection. The Galaxy range from Artland adorns your glasses with effortless celestial beauty. Comprising gin glasses, champagne saucers, tumblers and night light holders, this electroplated glass collection is the perfect range to complement your cocktail party or date night - create a galactic ambience with this glassware set. The perfect way to spark a little romance, or accentuate the relaxing feel of your evening - design your night around the stars, with our Galaxy range.