50Th Birthday Gift For Men - 40Th Man 0Th 70Th

50Th Birthday Gift For Men - 40Th Man 0Th 70Th
Brand: Etsy - LabelsWithHeart
Color: Black
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Personalized Birthday Liquor Label Demo: www.corjl.com/d/17A796 AT A GLANCE 1. Personalised standard liquor bottle adhesive vinyl label: 10cm (4 inches) tall by 9cm (3.5 inches) wide OR standard wine bottle (750ml) adhesive vinyl label: 12cm tall by 9cm wide. 2. Waterproof - won’t run in the fridge or ice bucket. 3. Can be peeled off & re-positioned. 4. Posted within 1-2 business days (first class post UK). FAQs HOW DO I ORDER? 1.Place your order. 2.You will receive an email with a link from Corjl. You can also go directly to Corjl.com & enter your Etsy email address & order number (not transaction number). 3.Add your short message to the design & APPROVE PROOF. HOW BIG IS THE LABEL & WHAT’S IT MADE OF? Each LIQUOR label is approximately 10cm (4 inches) tall by 9cm (3.5 inches) wide. Each WINE label is approximately 9 cm x 12 cm. WHAT SIZE BOTTLE WILL THIS LABEL FIT? The liquor label should fit the majority of liquor bottles. However, we 100% recommend you measure & cut out a 9 cm (3.5 inches) x 10 cm (4 inches) rectangle & hold it against your chosen bottle BEFORE you order, just to make absolutely sure it is a good fit. The wine label fits most 750ml standard wine bottles. WHAT’S INCLUDED in THE PRICE? Your gift label(s), digitally cut to size & sent in an envelope (minimal packaging - see our shop’s environmental pledge). Sadly, a bottle of liquor/wine is NOT included but we would LOVE you to send us a pic of the labelled bottles! WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY LABEL? Your custom label will be mailed to you first class within 1-2 business days (for UK customers). HOW DO I REMOVE THE EXISTING LABEL & ADD MY PERSONALISED ONE? The easiest way to remove your existing liquor/wine label is to leave the bottle to soak in soapy water for a few hours. The wet label should then peel off easily. If you want to remove the residual glue, the rough side of a kitchen sponge & some kitchen spray should do the trick. Then, dry off the bottle with kitchen roll. Next, peel off the back of your label & carefully stick it on. If you’re not happy with the position, you can gently peel it off & try again. WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO KNOW? We hope you can appreciate that, due to the customised nature of our labels, refunds are NOT available. Also, colours may vary slightly between online viewing & the actual printed product. All monitors display colour differently, & printers vary, so please take this into consideration when placing your order. However, the colours will NOT run when damp from fridge condensation. WHAT IF I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION? Message us - we’re here to help! SKUVS0565 50Th Birthday Gift For Men - 40Th Man 0Th 70Th