500ml Cereal Bowl

500ml Cereal Bowl
Brand: Luminarc
Color: white
Size: 7.0 H cm
13.99 GBP
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This bowl is ideal for serving desserts, fruit, cereal, and more. Make your snacks, desserts, and appetizers look even more delicious by serving in these sleek, modern bowls. Perfect at home or in a commercial kitchen, these bowls are microwave, oven, dishwasher, and fridge safe. The high-quality glazed finish of these bowls means they are easy to clean and are quick to dry. The chemical components used to produce opal glass give it a distinctive, unmatched white colour. Additionally, opal glass is five to six times more resistant than normal glass and it withstands constant use so it will last longer and it is non-porous, cleaner, more hygienic glass.