355ml Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass

355ml Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass
Brand: Corkcicle
Color: yellow
Size: 12.0 H x 9.0 W cm
20.57 GBP
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A sleek, stylish, keep-it-cold cup that’s super insulated to keep your favourite beverages cold for 9 hours or hot for up to 3 hours. The 12oz Stemless Wine Cup is great for drinks of all types, from wine, cocktails to G&Ts and everything in between. Cheers to that. Corkcicles Stemless comes with a sliding spill-proof lid which prevents air and liquid from escaping, no worrying about spilling your drinks. Enjoy your drink the way you like it, anytime, anywhere. Lose the stem and keep the cool. Colour: Neon Yellow