340ml Red Wine Glass

340ml Red Wine Glass
Brand: Argon Tableware
Color: red
Size: 20.5 H x 7.6 W cm
10.74 GBP
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Red wine requires special handling to bring out its subtle notes and tantalising bouquets, making it important that you choose the right glasses for serving it. The Argon Tableware glasses are constructed especially to enhance the flavour and aroma of the finest red wines, so they’re the ideal choice for entertaining at home or serving guests at restaurants and bars. These glasses are truly of exceptional quality and can be enjoyed for years to come. - Modern design with a tapered bowl and a slender stem - Bowls generously sized to aerate wine - Capacity of 340mL (12oz) to hold a standard pour - Glasses are 20.5cm tall and measure 7.1cm in diameter at the top - Packaged in a gift box Enjoy everything from burgundy to bordeaux to pinot noir in the finest quality glassware! Order the Argon Tableware Red Wine Glasses now. Set Size: 6